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About Us

Our Founding

Founded by our Chief Instructor  Higgs sensei in 2004 at another location in central Brisbane on a visit here from Japan, it morphed into its location at Coorparoo  in 2012 as a purpose built full-time aikido training dojo. When the building was sold in 2021 we moved to our current location.

Our Heritage

Tomiki Kenji, the founder of our school of aikido came to Australia in 1977 with his wife Fusae and assistant Shishida Fumiaki and at that time promoted our chief instructor Higgs sensei to 2nd dan and also suggested he come and study aikido in Japan. Higgs sensei attained that in 1979 just after Tomiki sensei died and stayed there until 2006 training at the Shodokan dojo under Nariyama Tetsuro shihan before returning to Australia. While in Japan our chief instructor attained many Sporting awards including being an All Japan kata champion in 1983 and 1985.

Our Community

Our dojo retains its links to both Shodokan Honbu in Osaka and the original JAA in Tokyo. Brisbane Budokwai is an Affiliate Club member of the Oceania Aikido Kyougi Renmei a.k.a. Sport Aikido Australia , our regional peak body, which is also a founding member of the recently formed Worldwide Sports Aikido Federation, our world body for the competitive sport of Aikido. Our Chief Instructor Higgs sensei is a permanent director on the board of both peak organisations. We also maintain relations with all the sport aikido regional associations throughout the world.


JUNIORS 6yrs to 13yrs

Fridays from  4:30pm                                                                        mixed class of boys and girls

Adults and Teenagers from 14yrs

Mondays from 7:00pm                                                                     males and females mixed class.

Ladies Only Class 

Wednesdays from 7:00pm                                                

Mother and Teen Daughter Class

Wednesdays from 7:00pm                                                                    as part of the Ladies only Class. Teen-aged daughters from age 13-14yrs.

Join Us

Below is a description of our programmes. Feel free to show up anytime at one of the classes and just watch or join up. Send us an email at ah.budokwai@gmail.com to let us know you are coming. All fees are listed at the bottom of this page


Our Aikido training teaches Children.....

 Physical and mental coordination                  Courtesy and social awareness                              Health and Fitness                                                   Good character                                                  Elements of Japanese culture and language               Light Competition and sportsmanship

And how to have fun !!!

Class content consists of learning aikido self defense and sport skills, learning how to fall safely, learning how to breathe, walk, and do calisthenics exercises correctly. Japanese terminology is taught and Japanese language is used. The culture of Japan especially that of martial arts is taught, such as courtesy, respect, group synergy and self-discipline. Having fun is a main goal and many skills are taught as games.

Ladies Only                                      Inclusive of Mother and Teen Daughter Programme

We hold a Women Only Class on Wednesdays. This class caters to the needs specific to female training whether it be for sport, self defence, domestic violence, self development and is in the comfort of like company. It includes a Mother and teenage Daughter programme at a special rate. This class isolates the specific issues for the female practitioner whether it be a physical or deeper issue.  Beginners are welcomed.
Classes also cover the common world wide examination syllabus set originally by the Japan Aikido Association. Participants in this class can also participate in the Adults and Teenagers class at no extra charge.                                                          

We support Women's sports


Adults and Teenagers

The Budokwai is fortunate to have high ranking instructors who are 3dan, 4dan and 7dan black belts with competition achievements and training in Japan. Our chief instructor lived and trained in Osaka from 1979 to 2006 before returning to        Australia.

​Classes cover the common world wide examination syllabus set originally by the Japan Aikido Association ranging from beginner up to the most highly advanced levels.                                            

Aikido is a Japanese modernized ju jitsu like judo with its particular roots stemming from the old daito ryu juijitsu style. It involves joint twisting, pressure points, throwing and controlling techniques and is known for its fluid and graceful but extremely powerful forms of self defense. Our  classes are very rounded and include kata (forms), randori (free style fighting) competitive practice and self defence training. Traditional Japanese weapons are also taught as players become more competent.


MALE ADULT               MONTHLY FEE          $50                                                                                                                FEMALE ADULT          MONTHLY FEE           $40                                                                                                       JUNIORS                      10 Weeks Term Fee $65 

School Terms 2024

Friday 19 Jan - Friday 29 March

Friday 19 April - Friday 21June 

Friday 12 July - Friday 13 Sept

Friday 4 Oct - Friday 13 Dec


Juniors Special Rate:  20%discount for second and third family member

Training Wear

KEIKOGI lightweight           ladies    160-200cm  $48                                                                                       KEIKOGI lightweight           juniors 100-150cm    $48                                                                                      KEIKOGI single weave        adult    160-200 cm   $80