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  • The Budokwai is the  oldest   JUDO club in Europe and the first JUDO club in England - it opened it's doors for the first time on 26th January 1918.


  • From it's early beginnings under the guidance of our founder Koizumi Gunji; followed by the tutelage of a whole gallery of famous instructors The Budokwai  grew to become the premier martial arts club in the country.



  • Although primarily a Judo Club, The Budokwai aims to be a centre of excellence for the Martial Arts.  


  • Classes held on a regular basis include Judo; Aikido; Karate JuJutsu. TaiChi is also practiced and other martial arts and activities are covered from time to time.


  • You can join the Budokwai  - see information on How to Join.