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Neil Adams    neiladams.jpg (6709 bytes)

Budokwai Olympian Neil is highly regarded in Japan where he is fondly known as 'Happo Bigin' or everyone's friend. Neil started judo as a junior at ten years of age and joined the Budokwai when he was 17. He has an impressive record in competition and has many wins in World championships, European and of course Olympics. Neil was expert at Jujigatame but also very competent in both newaza and tachiwaza. He runs his own club in Coventry and has been Instructor at the Budokwai and coach to the British national team.

Ben Andersen

Ben has been a regular Budokwai attender although he spends much of his time abroad. He describes himself as 'friendly, into languages, enjoys eating and travelling and has practised Judo for more than 15 years.'   Ben has a degree in Japanese studies from SOAS and spent time in Japan as a student. He won a gold medal at the British University championships and was captain of the London university team. He now lives in Japan, has recently married and is teaching at a high school in Osaka and was a member of the Saitama prefectural teachers team.

Ben always takes a judo suit with him when travelling abroad since there are Judo clubs everywhere from Chiang Mai to Dakar and it is an easy and natural way to make friends.  Ben would like to see information about different places to train around the world included in the website. Wants feedback from others on experience of clubs abroad..

Bernard Alexander

Member of the Budokwai and Renshuden from about 1958 to 1968 except for 2 years (1962 - 1964) working in Malawi, East Africa. Also trained at Kenshiro Abbe's (non approved) club. 

Dino Armagan

1st Dan,  Longstanding member of the EC.  Qualified Self-defence instructor. Sole UK distributor of Adidas martial arts equipment


Richard Barratt


John Bell

New Zealand player. Trained at Budokwai in 70s was part of 70s team.


Diana Birch    diana.gif (23133 bytes)  Your 'Webmaster'. Formerly doctor to BJA and to Martial Arts Commission. Associated with Budokwai and Judo since sixties. Practises twice a week and concentrates on the Katas under tutorship of John Cornish.


   Peter Blewett

Peter Blewett, Senior Club Coach, Senior Examiner, former chairman London Area BJA, trustee of the Terrence Donovan Judo Fund.


Dickie Bowen

Richard "Dicky" Bowen began judo training in January 1949 at the Budokwai in London. He lived in Japan for four years to deepen his studies and eventually earned a Kodokan 4th Dan grade. He subsequently refused to accept any further non Kodokan grades on return to this country. A former British International, he fought in the first ever World Judo championships in Japan in c1956 and  placed in the last eight in this open weight category competition. Mr Bowen is now Vice President of the Budokwai. He Co-authored a book on judo in 1962, has written over eighty articles and has been labouring for many years on a comprehensive book detailing the history of judo/jujutsu as it developed in the west.


Chris Bowles

Budokwai Olympian

BRISCOE.   see archives

BURR    see archives


CHEW see archives




Chris Childs    chrischilds.jpg (17759 bytes)

AKA Chris Gallie. British Champion, European and World Champion, Former Instructor - Budokwai. Stunt woman in numerous films. Her parrot also starred!

Nick Collins

Nick was a Budokwai member from the '80s and held self defence classes. He now teaches at Southend Judo Club and is a qualified self defence and personal protection expert.



John Cornish             

John Cornish is a long standing instructor at the Budokwai and highly knowledgeable and immensely skilled in Judo, Judo Kata and Aikido. 

John trained in Japan and is the only non Japanese to have demonstrated Kata for the Emperor. He is an accredited  Kata examiner.

At the Budokwai John has run the Aikido classes for a number of years.


Kevin Crickmar




Brian Davies   

Chairman of the Executive Committee for many years.


DEHNEL see archives

DELL see archives

DOMINY see archives

Terence (Terry) Donovan

Much liked and sorely missed Budokwai member. Famous photographer.  (more to follow re The Terence Donovan Judo Trust)

Tracey Down

New Zealander who spent some time at the club in mid eighties and then moved on to Canada in Company of Ron Angus.

Iolande Dunne

Also known as YO - A colourful and well missed Budokwai member who attained her second Dan by throwing an opponent through the wooden cladding of the LJS wall. Yo now lives in Australia and no longer practices.

A Dunnett

featured in 1970s team

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