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See a Historical video clip with Anton Geesink (NED),
How would you like to have worn this natty suit? Find out about Budokwai History 
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Who was in the Budokwai team who beat the Midlands in 1970? Why was this such a milestone event?
Who was our oldest competitor in the Veteran's? Rogue's Gallery
The Budokwai - Its Roots and Early History  Richard Bowen  - Vice-President. The Budokwai.1999 Origins  Dicky Bowen tells of the origins of Judo Organisations.

What's In  a Name?   Budokwai (The Way of Knighthood Society)   These are the characters that make up the name BUDOKWAI. The Japanese Characters have been scanned from a calligraphy provided thanks to Ayako Bowen.


 Budokwai (The Way of Knighthood Society)

There have been some discussion points related to the Budokwai name - see Pronunciation in Archived Articles derived from the discussion page (when we were still able to run it without offensive comment).