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Apart from the Mini and the Toddlers classes there are no particular restrictions on class numbers so newcomers can join the classes at any time.  The club recommends that you come and watch the classes first. After that you may join straight away by paying the annual membership fee and class fee. The club does not allow trial goes.  Most of the activities at the club require a special costume such as a judo or karate suit and this is required dress.  You will need to either bring your own suit or buy one from the club. The club does not have suits for hire.

The club does not recommend any particular martial art.  It is a matter of individual choice.  Newcomers who are not sure what they want to do should look at all the classes first.  The club manager is usually available to discuss the differences between the various martial arts and leaflets are available.

Graded temporary visitors may participate in any of the activities for a visitors fee each time. 

Adult beginners for judo are taken care of on the Tuesday & Thursday Beginner / Intermediate classes.  Beginners in the other martial arts may start by participating in any of the General Classes.

For the Mini and Toddlers classes parents should talk to the office (0207-370-1000) 4pm – 9pm to reserve a place for their child.

It is a good idea for prospective new members to check with the office before coming to the club since the timetable changes from time to time.

Please ring the office if you have any queries.