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  •  Ju Jitsu was the root of many of the modern martial arts including Judo - it consists of a range of techniques including arm locks and weapons work. There are many schools of Ju Jitsu and it should be noted that this session is not the same school as the 'Gracie' Ju-Jitsu practised on other days (see above) 



Koizumi (standing) practices Ju-Jitsu with Aikihito Ono 1910 Anglo- Japanese Exhibition at The Great White City - a few days after the death of Edward VIIth (Bertie)

Ju-jitsu pavilion was no 101 in the exhibition - and Koizumi had recently returned from the USA. Ono injured Koizumi's knee.

Ono was reputed to have come to England by traveling across Russia and fighting his way across. He also went to Brazil with Maeda (stage name Conte Koma) and Uyeshiba (stage name Raku) - they had performed in Belfast 1908 and was walking accross bridge with manager. Saw someone drowning and rescued person by diving in and bringing him to shore - couple of nights later when he performed he was given a gold watch for the heroic gesture.

Gracie JuJitsu is a particular type developed in Brazil