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Article courtesy David Finch

Olympic and World Champion at London Budokwai

Kenzo Nakamura, the youngest and most successful of the three Nakamura World champion judo brothers, is now training regularly at the Budokwai in London until 2006. With the 1996 Olympic and 1997 World titles to his credit he will join previous Olympic and World champions that have coached or trained at the club. They have included Okano (1964 OC), Yamashita (1984 OC), Parisi (1980 OC), Okada (1987 WC), Nakanishi (1983 WC), Adams (1981 WC), Randall (1999 WC), Sato (1967), and Kashawazaki (1981 WC).  

Kenzo Nakamura at the Budokwai  in December 2004

Nakamura's last competition was in 2003 when he won the prestigous Tournoi de Paris Super A Tournament. He therefore brings with him the latest competitive techniques along with his speciality uchi-mata shown in action below at the Atlanta Olympics.

Recently the Budokwai has been the subject of substantial refurbishment in keeping with its location in one of the most expensive streets in Europe, Gilston Road and The Boltons, South Kensington, where properties regularly sell for over £4m ($7m). However, the dojo fee for judo runs from as little as £5 for each session.

Nakamura with his 1997 Paris World gold medal and at work during the Atlanta Olympics