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Obituary - Errol Carnegie (1953 - 2004)

by Llwellyn Kerr

Errol Carnegie (1953 - 2004)

Born into a family of seven comprising of three sisters and three brothers, Errol was the middle child; as a family man Errol’s children were also involved in judo.

Errol lived all of his life in East, London.  He grew up and went to school in Forest Gate, where after school he and several of his friends joined the local judo club.

Errol started Judo over 30 years ago in the late 1960's. He was taught by John Ryan, Colin Gilbert and Patsy Walker at Newham Judo Club where his judo flourished and he soon became a national and an international player.

After a successful international career with the Senior Great Britain Judo squad he turned to teaching and became sensei at Durning Hall Forest Gate London E7.

Following the death of his previous sensei (John Ryan), Errol took over and had been teaching judo at Durning Hall for over 25 years, with much of his time dedicated to working with children with social exclusion.

Errol has inspired and influenced many students who now owe him a debt of gratitude for turning them away from a life of crime. Errol's training and conditioning sessions was hard and grueling but dedicated to finesse and accuracy.

For over 19 years Errol played a significant role in the community in coordinating players of all abilities to represent the borough at the now called Heathrow youth games.

Although not a high profile sensei Errol was highly respected through out the judo world. Errol’s dedication and commitment to the sport was a testimony to all who knew him, as he was a great ambassador for the sport both on and away from the mat.

Errol love outside of judo was his family and a passion for reggae music, of which he shared both of them over his last days.

A few word to conclude: Man of principal, Inspirational, Influential, Positive, Cantankerous, Leader, Humble, Firm and Passionate.