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Name: DENNIS ROBERT  BLOSS.           bloss.jpg (98170 bytes)

Born: 1928.     Profession: Power Station Draftsman.

Started Judo at age of 20. 1st Dan at 21; 2nd Dan at 23; 3rd Dan Kodokan at 27; 4th Dan Kodokan at 28. Spent 2.5 years in Japan studying Judo at the Kodokan where he was a member of the Kenshusei (KDK Special Students). Also studied at the Keishicho (Police Dojo). Performed Nage-no-Kata with Mr. Matsushita at the New Year ceremony of the open­ing of the dojo—one of the few foreigners to have had this honour. Reserve for the World Champion­ships, 1955. Took part in the Goodwill Champion­ships, Tokyo, 1957. Said by Mr. Matsushita to be one of the few foreigners to have a good style combined with effectiveness. Member of the Budokwai team against France, 1950, and against Belgium, 1951. Captain of the British team, 1952, 1953 and 1954; also member of the winning team, 1958. Captained England in the three-cornered match against Scotland and Wales, 1953.

Hobbies: Music; Chess; and speaks Japanese fluently.

Name FRED BRISCOE. briscoe.jpg (48627 bytes)

Born: l9l8        Business or Profession  Representative of the Central Council of Physical Recreation, South West Region. Founder Member of the Western Judo Asso­ciation in 1952. First Secretary of the W.J.A. Held office for three years.

Hobbies: Ski-ing, sub-aqua, sailing.

Name:DONALD GEORGE SYDNEY BURR.   burr.jpg (51808 bytes)

Born:1926.   Business or Profession: Draughtsman.

Age when started Judo:   19; at the Budokwai 1st and 2nd Dan at the Budokwai. Member of the British Team, 1952 and 1953. Instructor to the Borough Polytechnic. Held the first Combined Course in the Western Area. Studied under T. P. Leggett (6th Dan) and T.Kawamura (6th Dan).


Name:                JOHN LESLIE CAPES.  capes.jpg (167930 bytes)

Born: 1922. Profession: General Secretary and Registrar of the B.J.A.  

Started Judo at the Hove Judo Club in 1951. Hon. Secretary of the B.J.A. from November, 1957. Appointed to present position April, 1958  Chairman of the Southern Area Association.

Hobbies: Judo.

Name: GEORGE WILLIAM CHEW.   chew.jpg (56835 bytes)

Born.            1916.      Business or Profession : Police Officer.

 Age when started Judo : 20. Pupil of the late Yukio Tani; and of G. Koizumi and M. Otani.; 1st Dan 1940; 2nd Dan 1942; 3rd Dan 1951. Member of National team 1948 /49/51 then forced to retire from contest Judo with back injury. Joined R.A.F. in 1940 and became parachute jumping instructor and operational dispatcher serving in the U.K. and Far East. Founded the R.A.F. Kubukwaj Judo Club with F. P. Kauert (3rd Dan)—at which 5,700 students received instruction during its existence~ together with several large scale displays at the Tower Circus Arena. Two post-war results of these efforts being the formation of the Judokwai (Cardiff) and the Keidokwai (Blackpool). Successfully built up the Metropolitan Police Judo Club of which he is chief instructor; and awarded the Metropolitan Police Colours in 1952. Was captain of the team when they were winners of the Matsui Cup in 1939. Started Judo for the Blind with a class of 16 students from the Institute of the Blind with remarkably successful results. Founded the London Judo Society with E. N. Dominy. On technical board and executive committee of B.J.A. On L.C.C. panel of instructors. President of Judokwai (Cardifl) and Hasting Judo Club. Chairman of Sheppey Judo Club. in 1954 took police team to Vienna for contest with Austrian police—being the first international police match.

 Hobbies: Music and reading.

Name:    ANDREW DELL.    dell.jpg (165477 bytes)

Born:     1912.           Occupation:     

Started Judo at Budokwai 1934.  1st Dan 1936.  2nd Dan 1942.   Represented Budokwai against Germany 1938 and against France 1947. Instructor, L.C.C.

Hobbies:   Swimming, dancing, youth organisations.  

Andy Dell suffered severe injuries during a fire in 1948 and spent many months in hospital. Since that time he had nearly 40 operations and is still receiving treatment. Andy has shown great fortitude and courage in returning to Judo, his favourite pastime.

.dehnel.jpg (34926 bytes)

Born 1920.       Occupation - Typist.

Age when started Judo:   28: lst Dan, 1951: 2nd Dan, 1954. Iris is the mainstay of The Budokwai, London and has appeared on Television and par­ticipated in displays at The Royal Albert Hall. She is also an L.C.C. Judo instructor.

Hobbies:  Swimming; Music.

Name: ERIC DOMINY.      dominy.jpg (28044 bytes)

 Born: 1918.      Business or Profession: Civil Servant.

 Age when started Judo : 25; under Percy Sekine (now 4th Dan) as a prisoner of war in Germany.; st Dan at 29.; 2nd Dan at 34.; Founded the London Judo Society with George Chew in 1946; and subsequently served on the executive committee of that organisation and also of the Budokwai ;   Business Manager of British team 1954: represented Great Britain against Holland in 1949. Was reserve against France in 1951; and has since represented London Judo Society against teams from Holland, France and Germany—both home and abroad.  President of Northampton Judo Club. Vice-President Kettering Judo Club. Hon. Secretary London Judo Society. Author of “The Art of Judo.”  Judo.”  “Throws & Counters.”  Basic Principles of Judo.”  Self-Defence.”

 Hobbies: Athletics; Lawn Tennis; Writing. (Has represented this country at athletics.)  

Also see 'The Judo Man's Great Escape'


Name:     DOCTOR M. FELDENKRAIS.    feldenkrais.jpg (123420 bytes)

 Born:     1904.        Profession:     Scientist and Author.

 Age when  started Judo: 26, after meeting Professor Jigoro Kano who examined book on Jiu-jitsu written by Dr. Feldenkrais, and showed him how superior Judo was.1st Dan, 1932. Studied under M. Kawaishi and G. Koizumi, met Professor Kano twelve times in private sessions and lessons.  Numerous letters from Professor Kano.  Author of three books on Judo in English, one in Hebrew, and four in French. One has preface by Professor Kano.  Captain of British Team v. France.

 Hobbies:     LearnIng, Body-Mind Co-ordination.  

Name:          GEOFFREY ROBERT GLEESON.    gleeson.jpg (112191 bytes)

Born:  1927.     Business or Profession: Judo Instructor.

Age when started Judo:     20    1st Dan. 1949: 2nd Dan. 1950: 3rd Dan. 1951—at The Budokwai. 4th Dan. 1955—at The Kodokan. Tokyo.   Reserve for the Budokwai team in the Anglo-French match in 1951. In the first European Championship of 1951 was run­ner-up in both the open categories, and the 3rd Dan Championship.. Teacher Mr. Leqgett.  Went to Japan in 1952 and became the first foreign student of the Kodokan (the Kenshusei). This section tau$t its members all aspects of Judo. During his stay in Japan studied Kendo (Japanese fencing) and Aikido (one of the Ju-jitsu schools).  Returned to England in 1955 and became instructor to the Budokwai. Captained the British teams in 1955 and 1956. Appointed National Coach in 1957. Has studied engineering and gained the Higher National Certificate of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Began to specialise in aeronautical engineering, but gave it up to go to Japan. Now studies Japanese full time at London University.

 Hobbies:   Art, music, philosophy, history and swim­ming. (Swam in the County and Southern Areas Championship..)

Name ALFRED GRABHER.    grabher.jpg (75461 bytes)

Born 1932.    Business or Profession Judo Coach.

Age when started Judo:   17 1st Dan 1952. 2nd Dan 1953. 3rd Dan 1954. Represented Great Britain in various International Contests, including 1952. 1953, 1954 European Championships. Captain of British Team 1954, and first World Championships in 1954. Went to Japan in 1955. where he gained his 4th Dan

Name.CHARLES GRANT    grant.jpg (50021 bytes)
Born:1913.       Business or Profession. Antique Dealer.

Age when started Judo :  1st Dan, 1937; 2nd Dan, 1947; 3rd Dan, 1949, at Budokwai. Teachers’ Koizumi and Tani.  Toured Holland with British Team, 1947. Manager of British Team, England v. France International Match, 1950, Captain of British Team, European Championships, 1951,

Hobbies.  Music. Literature.

Name: NINIAN JOHN HANBURY-TRACY.      hanburytracy.jpg (173579 bytes)

 Born: 1910.    Profession: Artist.

 Age when started Judo: Sixteen.   First lessons under the late George Pope at Eton College in 1926. Joined the Budokai in April, 1929; Instructors Yukio Tani and Gunji Koizumi. Joined Cambridge University Gym and Judo Club, October, 1929. Secretary 19304931. Captain 1931-1932. Member of Cambridge University Team in contests versus the Budokai, Oxford University and Germany. Member of International Team, England v. Germany, at the Holborn Stadium Club in 1931. Judo Instructor at camps for the unemployed run by Christchurch College, Oxford, 1933. Secretary of the Budokai party to International Judo Rally at Frankfurt in 1933. Graded 1st Dan same year. Joined Judokan, 1955. Present grade, 2nd Dan.  Entered Sudan Political Service, 1933. On expedition to Eastern Tibet, 1935-1936, supported by Royal Geographical Society. On expedition to Andes of Venezuela and Colombia, 1938-1939.    War Service with Scots Guards, 1940-1942 (invalided) and with Force 136 (S.O.E.) in India, Burma and French Indo-China, 1944-1946. Appointed to Far Eastern Information Department, Foreign Office, at Singapore, 1946-1947.Exhibitor at Royal Institute of Oil Painters, National Society, and Royal Institute Summer Salon.

 Hobbies: Ski-ing, Sailing and Tennis.

Name - ANTHONY P. HARRINGTON.    harrington.jpg (222432 bytes)

 Born: 9th June, 1931.    Profession: Judo Instructor, Accountant, Author.

 Started Judo at the age of sixteen. Awarded 1st Dan by G. Koizumi in 1949 at the age of eighteen. After serving for two years in the Royal Military Police as a Judo Instructor, accepted post of Resident Instructor with London Judo Society. 2nd Dan awarded 1958. Author of “Defend Yourself with Judo.” A new book is due to be published this year, and there is a further mss. in preparation.

 Other Hobbies:  Swimming and Rowing.

Name:     ERNEST JOHN HARRISON      harrison.jpg (24144 bytes)

Knight of the Order of the Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania, 3rd Class.      

 Born:     1873.    Business or Profession:      Freelance Translator and Publicist

Age when started Judo:    About twenty-one.    4th Dan.    ; Correspondent for London Daily Mail during Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5. ; Appointment in 1919 as Secretary to the British Mission to the Baltic States under the then Colonel now Sir Stephen Tallents. ; Appointment as acting British Vice- ; Consul in Lithuania under Wing Com­mander Richard Barrington Ward. ; Appointment in 1921 as Press attaché ; to the Lithuanian Legation in London. ; Examiner in Russian. Lithuanian and ; Polish at the Post and Telegraph ; Censorship in 1941; Honorary member of the Lithuanian ; Association of Great Britain (only non­Lithuanian).

 Hobbies:      Foreign languages, Walking, Physical Training, Music, Cats.


Name: GERALD ANTHONY WILLIAM HICKS.   hicks.jpg (44884 bytes)

Born:1927.   Profession :Artist and art teacher.    Painted G.K. for Budokwai, 1953. Elected A.R.W,A. 1955.

Age when started Judo : Started Judo at University College. London (founder member) and Budokwai, 1948. Has lived in Bristol since 195] when he joined Judokwai Bristol as 4th Kyu. 1st Dan 1955 at Budokwai. Teachers: Koizumi. Leggett, Gleeson, Frost.  Founded two Junior Judo Clubs in Bristol. Western Area Captain, 1957.

Hobbies:     Swimming, foreign cookery, theatre.

Name:           REGINALD ALFRED HOARE.rhoare.jpg (21533 bytes)

 Born:          1900.     Business or Profession :           Civil Servant.

 Age when started Judo :  29: at The Budokwai; 1st Dan, 1932.; 2nd Dan, 1938.; 3rd Dan, 1954.;  Studied Judo under G. Koizunii and the late Yukio Tani. As 2nd Kyu. took part in demonstration of Judo at the Botanical Gardens, Regents Park. on occasion of visit of Prince Taka­rnatsu in July. 1930. Attended course of instruction under the late Dr. Kano. assisted by Kotani and Takasaki during their visit to England in August, 1933.

 Hobbies:          Country pursuits; travelling.

Name: CHRISTMAS HUMPHREYS MA., LLB Cantab. J.P.humphreys.jpg (50874 bytes)

 Born 1901.     Business or Profession: Barrister-at-Law.

 Age when started Judo: 24. Pupil of the late Yukio Tel and of  G. Koizumi, but never applied for grading. Pupil of M. Tateno and Jack Brinkley in Kendo. Early interested in Zen Buddhism, and in Judo and Kendo as a way to study and a means of expressing that dynamic way of life. For thirty years has suggested that the teaching of Judo in the West should be based on the philosophy which gave it birth.

 Hobbies:   Zen Buddhism.

Name FREDERICK PETER KAUERT kauert.jpg (24530 bytes)

Born 1915. Occupation: Radio and TV. Dealer.

Age when started Judo:  22; 1st Dan, 1942; 2nd Dan. 1946: 3rd Dan 1948. Served on Budokwai Committee for several years. Served on B.J.A. Grading Panel. Co-founder with G. Chew (3rd Dan) of R.A.F, Kuhukwai Judo Club. Member 1st R.A.F. Judo team. Member Budo­kwai demonstration team which toured Holland for three weeks in April, 1947, giving 1 3 demonstrations.  Member of British team. 1947 and 1950. Captain of British team, 1951.  Assistant instructor London (Regent Street) Polytechnic.

Hobbies: Electronics, dogs. scientology. amateur radio.

Name - MARCUS MICHAEL KAYE, O.B.E., M.A. (Cantab.), A.M.1.Mech.E. kaye.jpg (59040 bytes)

Born 1898 Chartered Mechanical Engineer.

 Age when started Judo:;  25, at The Budokwai. Pupil of the late Yukio Tani and of G. Koizumi; 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan at The Budokwai. Member of Budokwai team in first Inter­national Matches, 1929 and 1930. Captain of first England team, 1931.; Served on Budokwai Committee for several years up to outbreak of war, 1939. Commentator at most of the Budokwam and B.J.A. Displays since about 1935. 

Hobbies:     Philosophy; art.

Name: GUNJI KOIZUMI.         gkoizumipers1.jpg (43109 bytes)

 Born 1885        Business or Profession Electrical Engineer, Artist and Art Dealer.

Age when started Judo: Started ju-jitsu at 16. Tenshin Shinvo Ryu School.   Studied ju-jitsu at 18 Shin Shin Ryu School. Studied Judo aged ,. 20 Akishirna Ryu School. Joined Kodokan, 1920, 2nd Dan 1932. 4th Dan :1948. 6th Dan 1951. 7th Dan.  President and founder of the Budokwai, Consultant at foundation of the European Union and technical adviser; National Coach of British Judo Association

Hobbies:     Judo, the Oriental Arts.


Name:                 TREVOR PRYCE LEGGETT. Bachelor of Laws (Londonleggett.jpg (116933 bytes) University).




Born:           1914.  

 Business or Profession :           Japanese Programme Organiser. B B.C.

 Age when started Judo  I8: at the Budokwai. under the famous Yukio Tani.; 1st. 2nd and 3rd Dan at The Budokwai.; 4th (at age 24). 5th and 6th Dan at The Kodokan. Tokyo.  Has lived abroad— India, Japan. Germany. etc., and was interned in Japan during the last war. Training for Judo for Englishmen in Japan was T.P.L.’s idea, and he was responsible for making such trips possible. All post-war Budokwai British team members trained by him.

Hobbies :  Chess: 1st Dan at Shogi (Japanese chess). and as there are 25 Kyu grades in Shogi this is a high achievement. The only Occidental who has such a ranking.  Oriental philosophy: has published several translations of Buddhist texts.

Name:        DOUGLAS P. MANN.     mann.jpg (223079 bytes)

Born:     1910.     Profession:     Member of the Register of Osteopaths.

Judo - 2nd Dan.    Member of Budokwai since 1936. Judo Instructor to the Imperial College, London, 1946-48. Judo Instructor at King’s College, Strand, since 1948. Treasurer of the British Black Belt Register. Founder Registrar of British Black Belt Register until March 1958.

Hobbies:     Judo, swimming, reading, writing essays.   Contributor for many years to the Budokwai Bulletin, “Judo,” and many other publications.

Name:     EDWARD MOSSOM.    mossom.jpg (106007 bytes)

Profession:     Sales Engineer.

Started Judo at the Budokwai in 1932. 1st Dan, 1937. 2nd Dan, 1940. 3rd Dan, 1943. Represented Great Britain in International Contests, 1948/9. Also represented the Budokwai against Germany, 1938. Instructor to G.E.C. and L.E.B. Judo Clubs.

Hobbies:     Reading and Philosophy.

Name: JOHN EDWARD BRIAN NEWMAN. newman.jpg (113260 bytes)

Born. 1935.  

Age when started Judo:  17; at the Central Y.M.C.A., London. Judo career interrupted by two years National Service in Royal Marines,1954/ 1956. 1st Dan, September, 1956. 2nd Dan, December, 1957.Member of the Budokwai team at the InterÐnational Judo Festival, April, 1957.Member of the London team which won the Area Championships, September,1957. Member of the British team which won the European Team Championship, November, 1957. Individual 1st Dan Champion of Europe 1957. Individual 2nd Dan Champion of Europe 1958. Member of the British Team which won the European Team Championship for a second consecutive year 1958. In 1958 he travelled to Japan where he trained at Tenri University and learned Japanese. He returned to the Budokwai after sustaining a severe back injury which meant he could no longer compete at international level and was offered the position of Manager of the 1964 British Olympic Team in Tokyo. He joined the BBC External Services as a language supervisor in the Japanese Service. From 1967 - 1969 he worked for the Japanese Broadcasting Service and returned to London as Japanese Programme Organiser for the BBC World Service . He served 21 years in this role making the Japanese Service the most popular of any overseas broadcasting service of the BBC. He was appointed MBE in 1988. He retired in 1991 with the abolition of the BBC World Service and returned to Japan to teach at Nihon University . In February 1993 he returned to London seriously ill with diabetes and died of liver failure shortly afterwards . He was married with two daughters.

Hobbies:     Music, Philosophy.  

Name.     CHARLES STUART PALMER.      palmer.jpg (93867 bytes)
Born 1930.
      Business or Profession. Judo Instructor.

Age when started Judo:  I6:at Ealing Judo Club. Joined Budokwai 1947. 1st Dan 1948. Fought in a team from Britain against Holland while in Army. 1949. 2nd Dan, 1951. Teachers Mr. Koizumi and Mr. Leggett. Went to  Japan in 1951 and studied Judo for  four years while working at the British Em­bassy in Tokyo. Became a special student  (Kenshusei) at the Kodokan. 1953. 3rd Dan.  1953; 4th Dan, 1955.  Returned to England 1955 and fought in British Team while en route home from Japan. Selected for British Team, 1956 and 1957.

Hobbies:           Philosophy, music, motor racing, ski-ing.

Name:           DAVID ALAN PETHERBRIDGE.     petherbridge.jpg (167464 bytes)

Born:     1927. Occupation:     Company Director.

Started Judo at Swansea Judo Society at age of 22, captain of the Team to win Matsui Challenge Cup 1955. 1st Dan 1955. Won the Goldberg Vass Memorial Trophy 1956. Member of the British Team 1956-7-8. 2nd Dan 1957.  Appointed Welsh National Coach 1957. Finalist 2nd Dan European Championships 1957. Member of the British Team against Belgium, November, 1958. First Welshman to attain 1st Dan. Represented Wales in the three-cornered match against England and Scotland 1953.

Hobbies:     Cinematography and Skin Diving.  

Name: DAME END RUSSELL-SMITH, D.B.E., M.A.      russellsmith.jpg (36400 bytes)

 Born: 1903.    Business or Profession: Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Health.

 Age when started Judo: 34.   Dame Enid is a 3rd Dan of the B.J.A. and her grade is also registered at the Kodokan, Tokyo, the headquarters of Judo..   This is the highest grade achieved by any woman outside Japan. and even among Japanese women there are only a handful of higher grades. Apart from her skill on the mat Dame Enid has given a tremendous amount of service to the cause of Judo—notably as Editor of the Budokwai quarterly “Judo”, the first Judo magazine in this country.

Hobbies:        Mountaineering, Photography.


Name. YASUJI PERCY SEKINE. sekine.jpg (18770 bytes)                    skinebig.jpg (61453 bytes)

 Born:           1920.       Business or Profession :          Judo Instructor.

 Age when started Judo:  15: at the Budokwai under the personal tuition of Yujio Tani. G. Koizumi. T. P.Leggett and later T. Kawamura.; ; 3rd Dan at 27.;  4th Dan at 35, from the Kodokan. Tokyo. amid British Judo Association.The war interfered with his Judo training.  He served as an air-gunner with 83 Sqdn.    1942. Occupied his time as a prisoner of  war teaching Judo—and escaping!  British International in 1947, 1949, 1950 and captain 1951. British Team Manager for European Championships. 1955 and 1956. Now Chief Instructor at the Judokan. London.

 Hobbies:           Rough Shooting: Gardening. Cookery: and Ancient Monuments.

Also see 'The Judo Man's Great Escape'


Name : ROBERT LONGMUIR SMITH longmuirsmith.jpg (67323 bytes)

Born 1932.   Business or Profession    Judo Coach.

Age when started  Judo  19: Ist Dan 1952 (confirmed Kodokan 1953): 2nd Dan 1956: 3rd Dan 1957. Represented Budokwai in France on two occasions in 1956. Represented Budokwai in Belgium (Captain) 1957. Judo Champion West Germany 1953. Present holder of Tricker Cup. Club Coach to Nova Scotia. Member of Technical Board.

Hobbies Hill climbing, gardening and motor cycling.

Name:  WARWICK STEPTO (Stevens).     stepto.jpg (50684 bytes)

Born 1930     Business or Profession Sales Representative.

Age when started Judo    20: at the Borough Polytechnic. 1st Dan at 23.; 2nd Dan at 25.; 3rd Dan at 26.;  Represented England in the 1955 European Championships. Pepper.” as he is affectionately called, has decided to go to Japan for further training, and sailed on the Chusan “ at the end of December.

Hobbies: Tennis. ski-ing, swimming and poetry.

Name:     STANLEY HARRY WOOLLAM.     woollam.jpg (127033 bytes)

Born:     1925.       Profession:     Physical Education Organiser.

Started Judo at a Bisham Abbey Course in 1950 and is now a member of the Birmingham Athletic Institute Judo Club and holds a Blue Belt. Appointed Chairman of the Midland Area at their first Annual General Meeting in 1955 and represented the Midlands on the B.J.A. Executive Committee for two years. Was co-opted to the Chair of the Executive Committee in August, 1957, when that position became vacant and was subsequently appointed Chairman of the B.J.A. at the A.G.M. in November last year.

Hobbies:     Mountaineering.

Name:      DOUGLAS YOUNG. young.jpg (105907 bytes)

 Born: 1926.    Business or Profession: Company Director.

 Age when started Judo:  25, at South West Essex Technical College under J. Frost, 1st Dan—afterwards at The Budokwai. Took only one year to obtain 1st Kyu.; 1st Dan 1953.; 2nd Dan nine months later.; 3rd Dan 1955. Represented Great Britain in European Championships 1953, 1954 and 1955. Twice finalist in 2nd Dan championships 1954 and 1955.  Founder member of Chingford & District Judo Club.  Member Budokwai Team and British Technical Committee.    

Hobbies:   Reading, Opera and Physical Culture (medallist for swimming and ballroom dancing).

Name:     ALAN A. ZIPEURE.   (also see)      zipeure.jpg (190480 bytes)

 Born:     1914 (Montreal P.Q., Canada).     Profession:     Company Director.

 Started Judo at the Budokwai in 1949. 1st Dan, 1953. 2nd Dan, 1955.  Represented Britain in the 1st Kyu individual champion­ships in Paris, 1951. Business Manager, British Team, 1957. Ex-member Executive Committee of B.J.A.  Area Liaison Officer B.J.A. during his term of office.  Past Secretary British Register of Black Belts. Other activities have included Amateur Boxing, Wrestling and Athletics.

Hobbies:     Judo and Dancing.