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Some of the landmark photo's taken over the years - 

Plus some comical candid camera shots and guess who? 


Centre - Instructor Teizo Kawamura with Trevor Leggett to his left, followed by Chikashi Nakanishi and Saburo Matsushida.Ted Flindall is next left in second row.    Nakanishi was a kamikazi pilot who also performed the role of go-between in the arrangement of Dickie Bowen's wedding to Ayako.   Ono Taiyo is on Kawamura's right.

Budokwai circa 1967

GK at an outside demonstration


Taiotoshi performed by Kawamura (see above)


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Easter or Summer Course at the Imperial College Union circa 1950-53. Several Budokwai members are present. G Koizumi is seen in the back row fifth from the left and John Barnes is immediately to his left. continuing across is Malcolm Gregory and then Ian Morris on the far side of the window with Dickie Bowen next to him. The man on the end is Walker Edwards.. Charlie Grant is below GK and to his left. Next row down from left to right - Penfold and then fourth in is Pat Butler who started the AJA Amateur Judo Association. One below him is Malcolm Hodkinson. Fifth in from left on bottom row we have Ben Reed, with Eddie Cheung two places to his left. Iris Dehnel is one in from right edge on bottom row.


Who Practised circa 1982?