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At the suggestion of Lord Puttnam, the Trust was established in 1999 in memory of Terence Donovan who died in 1996. Terence was a judo black belt and a dedicated member of the Budokwai Judo Club.

The purpose of the trust is to provide young, up and coming judo players with financial assistance towards their training, travel and competition costs.   National funding is often available for players once they have achieved international medal status but it is those struggling to achieve this status who most need assistance.  In most cases they simply do not have the resources to fund their training needs.

Terence Donovan frequently gave financial support to many young judo players to help them achieve their goals.

The Trustees would be very grateful for your support.  Donations should be sent to The Terence Donovan Judo Trust at the Budokwai Club, 4 Gilston Road, London SW10 9SL. (Cheques made payable to The Terence Donovan Judo Trust).   Further information can be obtained from Brian Davies on Tel/Fax 020 7370 1000. 

The Trustees are Brian Davies (Chairman), Diana Donovan, Daisy Donovan, Peter Leaver QC, Rebecca Mellotte and Peter Blewett.

May, 2000

 Registered Charity No.1074467