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About our website

Web Hits - click here to see latest web stats - monthly visits 05; monthly hits 05 Webstats 2007 The site has gained steadily in popularity and hits have increased greatly since autumn 2004!

Thanks to the support of members and Judo enthusiasts throughout the world we are pleased to report that we come out top in google stats and our visits per month have soared! - Keep visiting and keep sending material - Best wishes for 2008!


Using The Website 

Make sure you browse the pages widely and note that there are sections for each discipline. Many interesting facts are to be found in the general interest section which has links to history and photo gallery. There are links to biopics of most of the Club personalities and this section will grow as people send in information. 

Use the Search page to look up references to various items of interest and keep the pages alive by using feedback and contributing to the discussion page.  There is now a 'Latest Additions' page so that you can look up and see what's new since you last browsed.

Web Policy

Policy Statement - This website is a 'member's' and enthusiasts website. Any individual with an interest in the club or the subject matter; a member or user of the club is welcome to contribute information. This site is independently run by members and is not controlled or owned by the executive committee.

The Martial Arts and Judo are renowned for their varying opinions, differing schools and disciplines. It is therefore in keeping with this tradition that a variety of opinions and contributions are sought for this site - in order to widely inform and to raise lively discussion and perhaps controversy. 

That being the case, it is clear that the opinions and views expressed are not necessarily those of the webmaster, the Budokwai officers, the Executive Committee or the 'Instructors' as a whole. the opinions are those of each individual contributor and the onus is on each individual browsing the site to challenge those views if they disagree.

There are two ways of doing this - 1. - To directly post information and comments on the 'Discussion page'  or 2. To contribute material to the webmaster -  (see feedback page)

There is little if any editing of material by the webmaster and no censorship of posted comments other than in keeping with acceptable standards of decency etc. PLEASE SEND IN CONTRIBUTIONS